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mistress ever? >>> is the cheated on sandra bullock the most admired woman in america? the startling results just in today of our exclusive "showbiz tonight" poll. >>> lindsay lohan locked up? disturbing news breaking today that the troubled lohan could b get thrown in jail. and wild new video today of the chaos surrounding lindsay. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, this is dangerous. >>> dead man posing, it looks like a normal shot of a guy on a motorcycle, he's dead, yes, he's dead and posing on a motorcycle. >>> tv's most provocative television news show starts right now. >>> hi there, everyone, i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with big news breaking today, the incredible rielle-oprah outrage. i couldn't help but think today that rielle hunter has to be regretting going on oprah for her first tv interview about her affair with john edwards. "showbiz tonight" can tell you that getting slammed doesn't even begin to describe the furious reaction today to rielle hunter basically telling oprah, hey, don't call me a homewrecker for having an affair and a baby with the guy who could have been the nex
. >> well, enough is enough. today, "showbiz tonight" can tell you mistresses of america are laying their feelings bare and telling all of america, we won't take they ridicule lying down. >> like the rise of the mistresses. >> no, i'm not a homewrecker. >> the tattooed covered stripper who allegedly had an affair with jesse james is giving a brand new interview. she says, when they first hooked up, james led her to believe he and bullock had separated. >> i thought i was dating a separated man. i was a single person dating another single person. >> and mcgee is sending a message to america, don't blame me for damaging the marriage of america's sweetheart. >> i don't believe that i destroyed their marriage. jesse destroyed their marriage. my message to jesse would be, if you were just honest with me in the beginning, and up front, we wouldn't be in this position. >> since she first spilled the beans about her affair with him, she's been slammed for her background in adult entertainment, photo shoots in full nazi gear and head to toe tattoos. >> there's a term for women like bombshell
in america. you shouldn't be forced to observe the holiday but shouldn't hinder others from it, sort of echoing our caller. rob, comment on that. >> it's fine, people can get together every day and pray if they want. they don't need a director to advise them or tell them to do it. i would just say something about the history argument. the national day of prayer goes back to the 1950s. in 1988, it was adopted by congress, the first thursday in may. not every president agreed with the sentiments throughout our history. thomas jefferson denied the proclamation from prayer. james madison didn't do it. so there were many people prominent throughout history that thought the government just doesn't play a role throughout our religious lives. >> doug, go ahead. >> history goes way back when. george washington, they had a day of prayer of thanksgiving, even during the prayer of congress. in 1863, to bring the nation together for healing. this is an established religion and violation of the constitution. this establishes a recognition that we are a people of faith, a nation under god, and that
there's a better venue in america to help boys become men and girls become women than through sports. coaches are influential to young people. it becomes a responsibility to help them grow and mature in a positive way. >> have a great coach that was in my life. i think with the cal ripken senior foundation is working with young people, teaching them life says sons, and being a valuable as set in the community. >> want to hear from police officers and teachers, we know we're making a difference. >> to learn how to get involved, check out to. learn more about your community, check out on demand and click get local. for comcast on the red carpet, i'm elaina ruse sew. >>> now on fed up and furious, elin woods, sandra bullock, charlie sheen's wife. big news today about their marriage messes, as "showbiz tonight" dares to ask, who should get divorced first and who will get divorced first? kate gosselin's new family feud today, her own brother in court claiming kate's kids are in danger. and kate's bombshell response. >>> ashley duprdupre, giving ad. the former escort w
emblematic of single working mothers in america, she's doing it in public with eight kids. in my irish catholic neighborhood that was a small family. but i have to say that kate gosselin, what is her alternative? she could work two 12-hour shifts at a hospital as a nurse, and make, i don't know how much money and the reports are that you know, people on "dancing with the stars" are making six figures. she's doing the right thing for her kids. she's practicing at home. and she's kind of a gutsy single mother and it's great she's standing on her own. >> it seems like she's on the right trajectory. but there are a lot of people telling us today they're not quite ready to embrace kate as a role model. here's what we are asking our exclusive "showbiz tonight" poll, kate gosselin, is she a good example for working moms. 80% say she's not a good role model and 20% say yes. honestly, sunny, i thought more people would be siding with kate at this point. does this surprise you? >> it does surprise me, i'm a working mother, granted i'm not a single working mother but i think she's doing what she
different view of what america should looks like that sanitizes anything in the public square of anything religious. that's not america. >> even if they ban it, it's not going to stop the people from observing. all the more people will want to do it. i never observed, but now i will. you know, i think, robin, i'm sure you've heard this, people say, okay, what's next? christmas? thanksgiving? we want "in god we trust" off our money? is that what's coming next? >> the supreme court has stated several times laws are not supposed to advance religion. there's no nonreligious reason to call people to pray, and it clearly does advance religion. if a law falls under those rules and violates it, yes, it will be struck down, but we need to remember, nothing can people to get together voluntary. that's one of the great things. they simply don't need the government to tell them to do it a certain time or how to do it or even if they should do it. >> doug, last word. >> i think the american people don't want this statute stricken down. i think if they go to safe the, and get the obama administration t
that america has forgotten them. i think for that segment of the population sarah palin is bigger than oprah. i agree. do you think somehow sarah's popularity can eclipse oprah's wide reach? >> for a certain group of people she's bigger than oprah. for a certain group of people she's talking to them. i pulled a palin if you don't mind. her message is of hope and happiness. sarah palin's message is of fear and hatred. some people respond to the hope and happiness. some people respond better to fear and negativity. for those people, yes, it's bigger. >> it gets personal with you, kathy. i think i can safely say you're not one of her supporters. >> i'm an oprah supporters. >> this drjaw dropping report ss people are drawn to her. people look at her and say she has a bunch of the same troubles i do. there's a mom who is there changing diapers. kim, let's get your thoughts. is sarah bigger than oprah because she has the mom factor, too? she's doing the oprah thing, managing the empire and she's got five kids to boot. >> anything oprah touches turns to gold. sarah palin shows that, too. when she went
graw, america loves to see two performers have chemistry and then a romance blossoms. i think erin and mak, and abc's very smart with this, i think they do have chemistry. i think they're using it to their advantage. i think they are cute together. i think that, you know, people love to see that, and it's fun for them not to give us too many details about it. because then we keep coming back for more. >> yeah. yeah, and i like that, megan, go big or go home, you know? speaking of that, nfl star chad ochocinco has made it no secret how he feels about his dance partner, cheryl burke. take a look at what he told "showbiz tonight" about a gargantuum diamond ring that he put on cheryl cheryl's finger. >> that's a token of appreciation of the bull that she has to deal with nine hours a day for the past, what, month and a half? >> yeah, something like that. every single day but he wanted it on my ring finger for some reason. wanted people to know that -- i don't know. i guess, yes. >> this is a commitment. >> okay, if that's not fueling the romantic speculation, i don't know what is. i think they
" poll. sandra bullock, is she the most admired woman in america? vote at >>> unbelievable, shocking revelations on oprah today. john edwards' mistress speaking out for the first time since john edwards admitted that he was the father of her baby. the explosive interview. >>> and the outrageous, absolutely shocking new photo of lindsey lohan that everybody is talking about today. she's got a gun and she's holding it to her mouth. i don't know what she's thinking. this is hln, news and views. and now the news ticker, more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news today. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at get on e-trade. set
this week, kate admitted on "good morning america" that "dancing with the stars" is keeping her from her kids. one day i had a meltdown while we were dancing. i heard them upstairs and started crying. i miss my kids. >> she said she's doing the show to earn money for the family. >> i'm in a job that any work that comes my way and this job is most cost effective. >> jon's new custody fight, kate is not responding. kate says i am and will always be a mother work. i will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others. kate's attorneys is more blunt saying jon's actions are reckless. since their split, kate has definitely become a bigger star. her time on dancing with the stars that pays $200,000, helped the show beat "american idol" for the first time last week. "showbiz tonight" learned tomorrow, tlc will release details of her new show. she's well aware of her personal ratings magic. >> i know for whatever reason, love me or hate me, i bring in the ratings for whatever reason. >> jon is not as busy as his ex. >> kate has an earning potential jon doesn't have
. >> reporter: -- dumber. >> woman across america seem outraged. >> reporter: it all started over the weekend. carrey hit twitter to spout off on the criticism tiger woods' faced since his multiple affairs came to light. carrey wrote, "tiger woods owes nothing to anyone but himself. to please his father he gave up his childhood and his freedom and the world, that's enough." but then, carrey took his controversial shot at elin tweeting, "no wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. elin had to be a willing participant on the ride for whatever reason. kids, lifestyle." >> i don't think that jim carrey is getting a lot of fans by attacking the wife a man who cheated on her. you just don't blame the victim. >> then saying that he just stepped on a minefield, carrey later clarified his tweet about tiger and elin. wrote "i want to make it clear that i do not condone infidelity at all, but to some degree the responsibility for it is shared by both people." and then carrey referenced the other big celebrity cheating scandal. he wrote, "so you guys probably don't feel like talking about sandr
to bleep out. >> hey, white man. 100 million more dark aliens are coming to america. google the next hundred million for proof. 1960 white people were 90% of the u.s. population. today truth be told we're less than half. another 100 million foreign amongs are on the way. you don't care, do you, whitey? all you care about is satisfying your belly, [ bleep ]. the future of white children will be a nightmare and you don't care. >> since this guy is a federal candidate a station must allow him reasonable access to their facilities and must air his messages without changes. does that seem right to you? we're taking your calls. 1-877-tell-hln. mike hendricks is a columnist for "the kansas star." he joins us now. is he a real racist or a real candidate? >> he's a real racist who happens to say he's a candidate. >> how does it play locally? they have to be a little upset. >> everybody's upset, when you hear the ads come on the radio you can't believe it. they put disclaimers before and after the ads, which he says just calls more attention to them, and he's correct. >> yeah, and you've got t
mornnths of fame. i'm rooting for her as i think all of america is. that's why she's on in the first place. >> people are also watching her because of the train wreck factor, let's not forget about that. she also said she's not paid attention to all the negative criticism from the "dancing with the stars" judges after her dances but i have to wonder if she happened to catch judge bruno on the george lopez show the other night. >> kate is pretty dreadful. she's crap! but in a nice way, you know, you know, in a nice way. she's entertaining. i mean, like people like disaster movies. we've got our own disaster movie every night. but she's a tough cookie. she gets it on the face, she comes back and tries to get better. it doesn't really work. >> so diplomatic there, you know, bruno not holding back at all. really i think he made a great case for what i was saying people watch kate on the show, some, at least, because of the train wreck factor but bruno did call her a tough cookie. do you think she is that tough or do you think maybe all of this can wear her down? we've seen it happen before. >>
entirely too much hatred in this country. this is america for god's sake. you're allowed to believe any belief you want. you're allowed to practice any religion you want and no one will question you about it. i think it's time that we learn to respect the muslims and others and not go to lengths to just insult them, completely insult them. >> thanks a lot. we have more fired up showbiz ireports in moments but moving to shocking new evidence jon & kate's custody war may be over today. jon just fired the lawyer who claimed he would keep on fighting kate for custody of their eight kids. jon's "dancing" diss. ja, has apparently come to the conclusion his ex-wife, kate, "dancing with the stars" equals bad motherhood and now has fancy dancing to do himself trying to convince a judge she get full custody of their eight kids. you remember when that happened. this was front-page news, big headlines. jon now says, only two weeks ago, saying he was never looking for custody. his lawyer made it up. something smells fishy to me. >> definitely. two weeks kate was an absentee mother and now is okay an
and robert downey jr. was getting same route and now he's america's sweetheart and he thinks that lindsay lohan can rebound. >> dina, for her part, the mom doesn't want anything do with him and says they're trying to get a restraining order from the kids. i do appreciate it. >>> as we move on tonight hollywood is speak out about bret michaels tonight. "celebrity apprentice" and of course front man of the band poison remains in critical condition after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage. michael's had a massive headache last week. rushed to the hospital. doctors discovered bleeding in his brain. trying to locate the source. a new statement posted on michaels' website "is under the best medical care possible." brand-new reaction today from sharon osbourne, who's michaels' co-star on "celebrity apprentice." sharon telling "showbiz tonight," she is pulling for bret. >> you know he's too good not come through this and be, you know, the bret that we know and love. he's going to come through this, i know he. >> well according to an official medical update from his doctors is e
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. to deliver technologies that anticipate the future, today. and help protect america everywhere... from the battlespace to cyberspace. around the globe, the people of boeing are working together, to give our best for america's best. that's why we're here. ♪ tonight" i'm a.j. hammer in new york. did you see this? everyone is buzzing about boob-quake today. what the heck is that? a cleric seems to suggest women dressing in skimpy outfits cause earthquakes so a purdue university student put her bosom and those of many others to the test. here now cnn's jenny moos. >> reporter: exposing cleavage in the name of science? >> i don't have any so i think i'll duct tape. >> reporter: there is a name for this behavior. >> boobquake! >> reporter: little did an iranian cleric would know how his words would rattle some women when he suggested they tend people into pros mimiprosm. what you would you estimate the magnitude of your cleave laj some she dreamed it up on her blog as a joke. from perdue to washington, d.c., women showed a bit more than usual. >> we are out here showing if dressing immodes
" mcgee shacked up allegedly with jesse james. she crushes the heart of america's sweetheart, sandra bullock. well, she could be getting a reality show alongside jamie jungers, one of tiger woods' alleged mistresses. just great, isn't it? your thoughts on it. call in, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. and oh, by the way, there is this redeeming fact that michelle "bombshell" mcgee did apologize to sandra bullock on australian tv. let's watch that. >> i feel bad for sandra. you know i know what she's going through. she must be hurt, devastated, upset, embarrassed and i would say, sandra, i'm sorry, i'm sorry for your embarrassment. i'm sorry all of this is public. >> well, that was really heartfelt, wasn't it? call in, 1-877-tell-hln. back with us, kim serafin, senior editor "in-touch weekly." also with stacy snyder, former divorce attorney and author of the book "you had it coming: how to outsmart your husband and win your divorce." great title that book. let's start with sandra bullock. some new photos out there, right, of sandra bullock. what do we know, how does she look? you have see
self-indulgent but i liked it. i thought it told the story very well to america and beyond that this is about golf, it's about me being disciplined and getting back in the game. i thought it was right on point. >> purely from, you know, an economic standpoint, it was something that they had to do, because let's keep in mind, this commercial was done by one of the few sponsors that actually stuck with tiger through his whole sex scandal. and i think as long as they were going to stay with him, it really was a brilliant move, rather than ignoring the whole controversy. i think they would have gotten slammed either way. carlos, are you with me, as long as they were doing it this was the way to go. >> i like her reference to starwars. i was thinking of the "sixth sense" "i hear dead people. >> can you imagine if tiger stopped in the middle and said that. that would have been a whole different conversation today. >> but here's the thing. i applaud nike for having the onions to really go after this and face this problem head on. the thing i don't like is, i don't like it in black
of kate but she won't go away, no matter what america does. >> in a brand new entire view with "people" magazine released today, kate says, quote, people who try to knock me down, all it does is make me more fierce, more protective, more determined to do better. she adds, go ahead, take me on. this will just make me stronger. >> it's really kate against the world at this point. >> she also unloads on her ex-husband, jon gosselin, taking her to court to fight her for primary custody of their eight kids. he claims her run on "dancing with the stars" turned her into an absentee mom. in response, kate tells "people," quote, don't mess with me when it comes to my kids. he's their father. i want them to see him but i'm not going to vanish to accommodate him. >> i have eight children to provide for. >> in an interview aired this morning on "the today show" she makes no apologies for turning herself into a media giant. >> i'm enjoying what i'm doing and i'm thankful for the opportunities that i have to provide for my kids. >> not only is she on "dancing with the stars" she has a book out next
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)